ISSI offers a scalable and independent enterprise monitoring system capable of collecting, organizing and correlating data input from various systems that span multiple departments within each organization while restricting the access to the information based on multilayer user privileges. The monitoring solution offered by ISSI allows each IT department within the organization to use the system autonomously without interfering with the information from another department while providing a simple holistic view of the state of the entire organization in a simple graphical map for IT management and CIOs to access from their desktop, iPad or even smartphone.

For the past 12 years, ISSI has offered organizations (large or small) a cost-effective solution to deploy an enterprise monitoring system that provides information about the health and performance of their systems from a single platform that can gather metrics from 8000+ sensors, visualize data in graphical format (including a single map), and provide multiple alerting mechanism when things are not functioning as they are expected.

Turnkey CCTV Monitoring Solution
ISSI is offering an innovative and comprehensive “CCTV monitoring solution” capable of monitoring the health and statistics of every CCTV system component including cameras, encoders, servers, storage system, networking equipment, VMS applications and all associated software and hardware components. The turnkey offering included necessary hardware, software and sensor licenses, installation, configuration, user training. Although in most cases, after our administrator training, the organizations can support this simple to use monitoring system, we offer annual maintenance contract support for systems that we install that includes the annual software contract for the COTS products and 24/7 professional services to manage the system.

ISSI provides visibility to every component of the CCTV system. Administrators will be automatically notified in case of any change or failure in the status of the devices such as cameras or servers. Although all of the monitoring has been automated by ISSI, the system has 99.9% accurate and no false alarms. If a device fails, administrator or technician will be notified with necessary information such as location of device, IP address and necessary procedures to complete the work. This information can be emailed or text as per your organization’s requirements.

The system is also configured with pre-defined thresholds to detect and alert on malicious activities or changes in the sensor pattern to minimize insider threat. A complete demo system is available for illustration for interested organizations.
Centralized monitoring capability
Today’s mission critical and security systems are expected to function 24/7 with 99.999% availability. Information system directors are having challenges in implementing a centralized and simple to use monitoring system that can help them quantify the availability, stability, and performance of their enterprise and its individual components. A monitoring system that may complement the limited technical resources of the organization by entrusting the responsibility of the oversight to an automated system and prioritizing the staff’s engagement and support on predetermined alerts from the monitoring system as necessary.

While our preconfigured “real-time sensors” provide current value and status of system components in time, the ability to represent those values over a period of time in historical graphs allows system administrators to recognize trends and understand how individual components impact the overall system, availability, performance, consumption, and error rates when information is organized in a visually meaningful configurable graphs and dashboards.
Design Considerations
ISSI monitoring solution collects, organizes, and correlates data from various inputs that enable system administrators to diagnose what is happening within their systems, what resources need attention, and what is causing a slowdown or outage by displaying patterns between resources and across the routers, switches, servers, and storage systems.

As part of the sensor configuration, we engage necessary thresholds and associated triggers to ensure the overall system integrity. For example, if the configuration of a high definition camera is altered (even inadvertently), our system can notify the VMS administrator to make appropriate changes. Failure to fix the excessive bandwidth utilization in the camera can lead to oversubscription in network resources, server resources, rapid utilization of storage space, which may result in failure to meet the organization’s retention policy. The loss of video or failure to meet the mandatory video retention policy of your organization may further result in financial consequences and loss of evidentiary video. As part of “turnkey monitoring solution,” ISSI will provide the necessary sensors and configuration needed to meet any organization’s policies and procedures.

Designing and implementing a centralized monitoring system can be very challenging. ISSI solution architects consider different factors in designing an enterprise monitoring system depending upon what is critical for an organization to track, how complex is the environment, how many critical components need to be monitored, how many sensors are needed for each component, what is the target budget and how many administrators you can assign to the monitoring system. The numbers can quickly add up to a level that it becomes an unmanageable environment for an organization with 3000+ devices (servers, switches, equipment) with 10 sensors each and 3000+ cameras with 3 sensors each to be tacked.
Fixed Priced Design Build Solution
ISSI offer a fixed price design-build scalable turnkey solution packages for this state-of-the-art system and network monitoring capability that includes cost of hardware, software, installation, configuration and training services. We also include comprehensive post-deployment support to ensure a smooth transition of the monitoring system to your staff.

Our solution includes complete sensor addition, configuration, including necessary device modifications. All system triggers and notifications will be automated based on pre-defined conditions or thresholds. Alerts are defined either on a condition or threshold, and an action to perform when the values fall outside of the acceptable condition/threshold. This approach allows administrators to be engaged for active interpretation or investigation only when needed and relinquish the control to passive monitoring of the system to provide custom notification upon changing conditions that only require consideration from teams (system, network or application) or individuals that can appropriately handle the issue.

ISSI also provides services in creating site map(s), correlating diverse factors, and providing specific dashboards to display changes in performance, consumption, or error rates that are readily available, easily accessible by the managers. We create customized, easy-to-understand reports for different levels of management. The multilayered reports give managers a quick view of their entire system in a single view while also allowing them to drill down layer by layer to each component if needed.