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Exceptional Innovations and Impactful Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions Inc. (ISSI) is a Los Angeles-based privately held company established in July of 2007 with the sole objective of providing IT security solutions for the protection of people, information, and property through systematic integration of design, technology, and operation.

We offer unique and innovative solutions for major Airports, Transit Systems, Financial institutions, Schools, and Universities.

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At ISSI, we are very passionate about what we do and enjoy working for our customers. We carefully listen to our clients’ concerns, interact with the stakeholders, and work hard to appropriately translate their business needs into technical requirements that seamlessly integrate into their daily operations.

While we often see organizations struggling to get stakeholder support for a newly acquired technology, our solutions continue to yield the highest stakeholder satisfaction even in a multi-agency organization with varying requirements. We achieve stakeholder satisfaction in two ways. We either propose a “technology” that fits right into the organization’s existing operational and security procedures or demonstrate how a specific enhancement of technology might improve their existing operations or procedures. User dissatisfaction often arises from the fact that they are asked by management to change their operating procedures to accommodate a set of newly acquired tools or application that they had no involvement during its selection process.

For the past 12 years, ISSI has successfully completed major security projects for large organizations with highest stakeholder satisfaction rating, some of which have been listed under the “Projects” tab of this website. The complete list of projects and associated references can be provided upon request to potential clients.

Our extensive experience in system integration and enterprise security systems allows us to continue assisting our customers (end users and system integrators alike) in achieving their IT security goals cost-effectively, delivering quality results in the areas that we have demonstrated our capabilities.