Today’s market is saturated with products for just about everything. In a world where new technological breakthroughs are introduced to the market on daily basis, it is increasingly difficult for organizations and particularly CIOs to ensure they select the right solution or product. To make the matters worse, the technology companies throw around a ton of sales and marketing terminologies at organizations aimed to impress and gain face time with the decision makers and make the sale before stakeholders, end users or subject matter experts get an opportunity to evaluate the capabilities or compatibilities of the intended technology with stakeholder expectations.

Over the years, we have successfully conducted over 22 prototype systems for our clients. The POC has allowed our clients to either successfully integrate the final solution into their existing organization or circumvent costly introduction or procurement of unwanted product or technology.

Eliminate Risks
The introduction of a new system or software into an organization requires revamping existing processes, changing existing integrations, extensive training of user and many other considerations. ISSI’s prototyping services are intended to eliminate risk, execute design sprints, and substantiate unverified hypothesis for companies. We offer cost-effective and yet extensive services to organizations and CIOs alike in creating Proof of Concept (POC) and Prototype systems in their own environments to allow their stakeholders examine the suitability of the system before making a major commitment in procuring those products or solutions.

Our subject matter experts create a well-executed proof of concept that helps rule out major design, function, cost, and schedule concerns prior to making a major investment in a technology that might not fit the organization’s business requirements.

ISSI POC support services include engaging the stakeholders in different levels of the organization in gathering their requirements and mapping those requirements to the technical specification of the desired technology. As part of our assessment, in addition to providing prior prototyping results, ISSI offers your organization a complete market analysis and customer satisfaction report outlining the lessons learned from deployment of similar products in other organizations as part of your fair evaluation of the technology.
POC Considerations
ISSI offers many cost-effective approaches for deploying prototype systems within your own organization and environment to allow your stakeholders validate if the system capabilities meet their business requirements. Many of our POC packages include no obligation to purchase any of the equipment and/or licenses for the prototyping.

As an Integration company, ISSI offers different flexible “Proof of Concept” packages to meet your organization’s need and budget requirements. Following represent the most important criteria for successful prototype engagement:

1. Requirements gathering: For this engagement, we interact with the stakeholders and superusers to gather the business requirements and deliver a comprehensive “stakeholder requirement” document for the review and evaluation by the management. As part of our assignment, we may conduct surveys, engage in site walks, examine the user’s interactions with the system in their own environment, and finally understand their challenges and concerns that need to be addressed during our evaluation.

2. System evaluation: We provide a complete evaluation of the systems that are being desired for prototyping. In many instances, as Value-added Reseller (VAR) for our partner security systems manufacturers, we already maintain a detailed evaluation matrix for those products that can be shared with you at no cost. Moreover, we closely follow the product roadmap of our partners and often request them to add new features to their base products to meet our client’s needs. We also work with them to create new product lines to meet the growing demand in the security system industry. For the security system products that we don’t have the necessary data and reports, we conduct a thorough evaluation and provide our customers with an extensive evaluation matrix.

3. Interfaces Analysis: Since most security systems in an Enterprise somehow will end up to interface with an existing or new system, we offer an extensive system analysis to identify the necessary integration requirements to your organizations existing systems and/or applications. The report will provide necessary information to ensure the desired products are interoperable with the rest of your Enterprise IT infrastructure.

4. Acceptance Criteria: Without proper understanding of the expectations and goals of the stakeholders, it is highly unlikely that a new security system will ever be accepted by them. A large number of projects fail to obtain final acceptance from the stakeholders because of lack of pre-negotiated “Acceptance Criteria”. At ISSI, we can assist your organization to draft a specific test plan for your new security system with a reasonable “Acceptance Criteria” that meets your stakeholder requirements before commencement of the design work.

5. Selection process: After gathering all of the relevant information for the prototype, we provide a comparative matrix that identifies eligible security products or solutions. We submit our findings in a report that also include lessons learned by provided by other organization who deployed the desired solutions to allow for a fair selection process within your organization.

6. Scope of work: Once the final product or solution has been identified, we provide our clients with a detailed SOW that outlines all of the tasks, resources or obligations that are required of the vendor, system integrator, staff, and stakeholders for successful implementation of POC.

7. Project cost: We provide Fixed Price quotes for most of our prototype packages. We have satisfactorily completed all 22 previous prototype engagements on budget and within the schedule.

8. Project Schedule: While most POC projects take between 5 to 10 days, the prototypes usually range between 3 weeks to 4 months.
ISSI methodology in conducting proof of concept and building prototype systems has been successfully implemented for many organizations for the past 12 months. We share our extensive experience with your organization to assist the CIOs to achieve their objectives in effectively deploying a cutting-edge technology in record time within your organization without impacting your existing operations.
Center of Excellence
ISSI maintains a state of the art “Center of Excellence” in our headquarters where all our solutions including protype systems are being exhibited year-round. These fully functional systems are available to our customers as well as future clients with prior appointment. Your stakeholders have an opportunity to examine the capabilities and features of these solutions for their evaluation before making any commitment to the product procurement.

Since ISSI is a vendor agnostic company, your organization will be able to see products from different manufacturers side by side. We only carry products from reputed companies within our niche. We can therefore demonstrate an integrated solution in our Center of Excellence with products that best meets your requirements without any prejudice or bias to any of our partners.
Unlike product manufacturers whose product demo is focused around the capabilities of their products regardless of specific user requirements, as a solution provider, during our presentations, we “Custom Configure” our demoes around those products that only meets the specific requirements of your stakeholders and your organization.

Since our presentations in the Center of Excellence is custom configured to demonstrate capabilities that directly meet your stakeholder requirements, a visit to our Center of Excellence to examine the solution, review of product assessments and our lessons learnt reports may eliminate the costly undertaking of conducting a similar POC by your organization. This is because, we stand behind small portfolio of solutions and want to earn your trust. In other words, we are not in the business of retailing products, we sell solutions that we can stand behind to meet your organization’s needs.

Feel free to contact one of our solutions architects to discuss your requirements. A custom configured demo from within our portfolio of integrated security solutions can usually be arranged within two weeks of your request at no cost to your organization. During the demo, our engineering staff will work with your stakeholders to explore the specific ways our proposed demo address your requirements one by one.

We can accommodate up to 12 stakeholders from your organization at a given time for a demo. Multiple sessions can be arranged for additional stakeholders. When necessary, we will also have representatives from our partner product manufacturer group in our meetings to answer your product specific questions or concerns.