ISSI offers a targeted “Qualification testing,” which can be used as a baseline for subsequent acceptance testing by any organization. The basic qualification testing refers to the systematic examination performed to ascertain if a system or product is capable of meeting necessary design or stakeholder requirements.

Many organizations prefer to conduct an independent qualification testing to validate the system’s readiness for production or simply obtain testing parameters and criteria in preparation for their own acceptance testing. We conduct a thorough qualification testing on behalf of our clients at the unit, subsystem, system level as well as an end to end testing, which includes testing and verification of all system interfaces and integration points. Additionally, we also test and validate the performance parameters as part of our qualification testing.

We have successfully conducted hundreds of qualification tests for our clients during the last 12 years by effectively coordinating the test activities on behalf of our customer with various contractors or system integrators who were hired by our clients’ to install security systems as part of their contract.