There has been a growing demand for integrated security solutions where all systems within an organization will need to work synchronously. Standalone systems create major operational and security gaps for the organizations and result in significant increases in cost and resource consumption.

ISSI is a competent system integrator with work experience in multiple vertical industries. Our extensive breadth of knowledge comes from doing major projects with exposure to different industries, something that can’t be learned in classrooms. Over the years, we have consistently offered innovative solutions to resolve our clients’ challenges believing that a Lesson Learned and experience gained in one industry can be applied to a project in another industry.

This unique characteristic is the number one reason we are approached by major companies and organizations when a project is in trouble. In fact, ISSI is often approached by the clients looking for help in completing projects that other contractors fail to successfully integrate or meeting the client’s initial expectations than any other category of our business. ISSI primarily provides three major system integration approaches as outlined below.

Point-to-Point Integration
Point to Point integration approach is recommended for smaller companies or larger organizations that don’t yet have a defined roadmap for integration of their security systems. In a point-to-point approach, we take advantage of commercially available Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate the communication of data between the two existing systems. While this is a simple and cost-effective approach to connecting two applications, it creates major complexity if multiple applications need to communicate with more than one application. Moreover, if one system needs to be replaced, every connection to that system will also have to change, which makes this approach impractical or cost prohibitive for organizations with larger systems and many users.
Middleware Integration
Middleware Integration approach is a superior integration approach ISSI offers for major organizations where multiple systems need to communicate with one another. Depending upon the business requirements, we identify and recommend an appropriate commercially available middleware for the customer that meets their long-term objectives. In this approach, systems are not connected point-to-point; they are rather connected through a middle layer, which receives the information, processes it, and sends it to the target system(s). Although this approach is a better approach than a point-to-point approach, it has its own deficiencies. We provide a complete analysis of the pros and cons of using this approach as part of our assessment.
Business Process Management Integration
Business Process Management (BMP) Integration is our preferred approach for security conscious organizations supporting multiple systems in one hand and multiple agencies in another hand. This approach allows for efficient collaboration of cross-functional business processes and facilitates seamless interagency information exchange while at the same time allowing for autonomous Intra agency operation. Depending upon the business requirements, we identify and recommend an appropriate commercially available application that can best integrate data and people with the systems for a specific business process that meets our client’s needs. This approach provides the quickest way to setup interfaces between the systems and provides minimal impact to business continuity during transitions or upgrades.

As a Value-added Reseller (VAR), ISSI is well versed with the industry standards and has necessary expertise and experience working with products from major security system products. We offer complex system integration solutions for customers who lack the time or experience in deploying and integrating complex systems or need expertise in selecting the right integration approach for their organization.