ISSI offers turnkey enterprise solutions designed for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention through electronic security. We have successfully delivered multifaceted security system deployments involving CCTV, Video Analytics, Access Control, PSIM, Biometrics, CAD, and PSIM.

For each security system deployment, ISSI provides a specific “requirement matrix” that has been developed internally to capture all of the stakeholder requirements. This methodology has helped us to achieve the 100% customer satisfaction since we identify the business requirements before any solution or equipment is selected.

Many companies prefer to develop their own proprietary applications to meet their client’s user requirements where they can also benefit from recurring revenue in maintaining their own proprietary application. Instead of developing complex and proprietary software applications, ISSI solutions meet client requirements by applying necessary “custom configuration” to an already existing COTS product that we pick from amongst commercially available applications developed by highly reputable manufacturers that we deem appropriate to meet those requirements.

If the selected COTS product fails to meet certain customer requirements, we identify the exact use cases and work in conjunction with the product manufacturer to add those features as part of their base product enhancements.

ISSI’s approach to delivering Turnkey solutions while meeting client requirements with COTs products, reduces the total cost of ownership for security system’s lifecycle, allows for smoother integration between different security systems, and makes these enhancements globally available to the rest of the industry.

As part of our turnkey solution, we provide proper user training to increase user confidence in deploying the newly adopted system and extensive administrator training that enables the organization to utilize their own engineering resources in system maintenance if desired by the system owners. The overall approach by ISSI eliminates the need to secure our services in maintaining the system or any proprietary code.

We also provide a comprehensive analysis of the total cost of ownership for the security systems we provide, including the cost of annual maintenance.

ISSI facilitates all of the necessary elements for successful completion of projects as part of the turnkey solution including the following components:

  • Requirement gathering and design
  • Value add retail of the security system hardware and software
  • White glove delivery of the equipment including racking, stacking of the equipment
  • Wiring of the IT cabinets as necessary
  • Pre-deployment site survey, site validation, and HW/SW installation verification
  • Equipment integration at the customer premises
  • Onsite equipment configuration and debugging
  • Individual component, integration, acceptance, and end-to-end testing
  • Equipment buy-off and equipment verification support
  • Interface development and integration
  • Custom application programming or configuration
  • Collaboration with the client’s information technology (IT) group to set up the systems, databases, and software required to deliver process monitoring, traceability, and data analytics solutions
  • Parallel operations for zero downtime applications
  • System transition and production support
  • Documentation
  • Operation and maintenance