ISSI as system integrator provides two types of training services for the organizations.

1- System Administrator Training – This training is designed to give the system administrators system knowledge and troubleshooting skills necessary to independently install and manage security systems for their organizations.

2- End User Training – This training is designed to give end-users the necessary knowledge to be more productive in their daily responsibilities and enough information to be safer in their environment.

Our trainings are designed to increase job satisfaction and morale among the system users, which in turn translates into increased efficiencies in processes and ultimately resulting in overall financial gain for the organizations. Without targeted training, users will be ineffective in their job performance and will soon develop resentment towards the system and its associated processes.

Our preferred training methodology is hands-on training, allowing users to engage with the new system while practicing handling their existing processes and business intelligence that they are familiar with. This approach allows users to learn effectively and embrace the system more quickly. Complete training material is included in all of our trainings. We follow the classroom training with a refresher training a few weeks later (if required by our client) on the job aimed to recall and reinforce previously acquired knowledge and skills or to address the new questions that users might have discovered since the initial training.

Alternatively, ISSI offers larger organizations with a more cost-effective training, which includes “Computer-based training” (CBT) where users can access the lessons online at any time depending upon their schedule. Additional training methods include webinars or preparation of video-based training conducted by an experienced trainer in a classroom environment. Samples of each training are available for your evaluation.