ISSI offers several support services packages for system maintenance and operations to ensure the information systems are fully functional and perform optimally until the system reaches its end of life. Most critical security systems are expected to perform the functions for which they were designed with utmost reliability and at least 99.99% availability.

Although our core competence is in support services for CCTV systems and its associated technologies, we offer similar support services on mission critical systems such as PSIM and decision support systems.

ISSI offers comprehensive turnkey 24/7 support services for the operations and maintenance of IT services, particularly CCTV systems either onsite or on-call. Additionally, we are able to offer a customized plan for organizations where these services are required on an as-needed basis.

ISSI O&M services involve management of “People, Processes & systems” responsible for day-to-day maintenance and management of an organization’s IT infrastructure to ensure delivery of the agreed level of IT services to our customers. Unlike most other organizations where the operations support seems like performing a sequence of daily activities in order to keep the systems up and running, ISSI services start with a development of framework document that ensures all aspects of the O&M are properly defined and planned as communicated with our clients before our engagement starts and evolves as we analyses the operational needs.

O&M Services
ISSI offers three unique O&M services as part of our support services:

1. Monitoring System – ISSI deploys a fully customized COTs system monitoring where we identify the necessary sensors that help us automate most of the monitoring tasks in an effort to reduce the dependence on engineering resources and reduce the overall labor cost for our clients. We convert a reactive nature of security system maintenance where users will have to call a report a fault to proactive system maintenance by being automatically notified of fault without the need to overburden the resources of the organization in reporting the faults. This also helps the devices to be more quickly online and operational. It is possible for a camera to have been down for weeks in a multi-thousand camera organization before it is spotted by users, but with active monitoring, we can detect the same as soon as it happens.

2. Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMP) – ISSI develops a customized Standard Maintenance Procedure document specific to each system and unique for every customer that identifies a set of instructions outlining particular maintenance procedure that needs to be performed as part of preventive maintenance procedures on daily basis. The instructions contained in this document are specific and detailed enough to allow any qualified technician or engineer to successfully perform their daily duties in an O&M environment. For systems of this critical nature, it takes only one deviation from the prescribed standard procedures to create an unwanted outcome and failure that can negatively impact the operations of the organization.

3. Ticketing system – ISSI support services can be seamlessly integrated in to the trouble ticketing system of any organization. However, if needed, ISSI can deploy an independent ticketing support system to manage the trouble tickets. This ticketing system is capable of creating automated tickets (as a result of system generated alert) as well as trouble tickets (requested by system users) that can be forwarded to technician or engineers who will be dispatched to the field to remedy the failures. These tickets can be prioritized depending upon the severity of the issue during the course of our support services 24/7. ISSI also provided a “knowledge base support database” to help engineering resources to search for most common troubleshooting procedures and prior filed conditions as and when necessary in addressing the system failures and expediate the restoration procedures.
Maintenance Categories
We offer three types of maintenance and operations support, specifically for the CCTV systems:
1. Preventive maintenance – This is planned maintenance of a system, carried out on a scheduled basis. Our PM schedule includes tasks that need to be performed on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual frequency encompassing servers, storage, cameras, and other associated components. We identify the tasks and provide specific detailed procedures for each scheduled PM category.

2. Corrective maintenance – Occurs when there is an emergency or random outage of a system, or part thereof, carried out in response to the development of a fault. With the deployment of our active CCTV monitoring system, we are able to automate most of the monitoring and forward the necessary alerts to support engineers by prioritizing them based on their critical nature. Our engineers are instantly notified as soon as any system component experiences an outage or illustrates a pattern to exceed the pre-configured thresholds represented by different sensors.

3. Customer and user maintenance – Traditional basic maintenance/fault reporting tasks that need to be addressed by the engineers on a daily basis. For this category, users usually initiate a trouble ticket or request for modification to the system which gets routed to our engineers with a time stamp. We offer specific procedures to handle each fault reporting from a request to change the user password to complex alarm management procedures.